The Red Hat Quay application programming interface (API) is an OAuth 2 RESTful API that consists of a set of endpoints for adding, displaying, changing and deleting features for Red Hat Quay.

Red Hat Quay abides by the Semantic Versioning (SemVer) specifications. The following conditions are met with each major, minor, and patch release:

  • Major versions of Red Hat Quay might include incompatible API changes. For example, the API of Red Hat Quay 2.0 differs from Red Hat Quay 3.0.
  • Minor versions of Red Hat Quay, for example, 3.y, adds functionality in a backwards compatible manner.
  • Patch versions of Red Hat Quay, for example, 3.y.z, introduces backwards compatible bug fixes.

Currently, Red Hat Quay uses the api/v1 endpoint for 3.y.z releases.

This guide describes the api/v1 endpoints and the browser-based examples for accessing those endpoints.