Chapter 3. Getting Red Hat Quay release notifications

To keep up with the latest Red Hat Quay releases and other changes related to Red Hat Quay, you can sign up for update notifications on the Red Hat Customer Portal. After signing up for notifications, you will receive notifications letting you know when there is new a Red Hat Quay version, updated documentation, or other Red Hat Quay news.

  1. Log into the Red Hat Customer Portal with your Red Hat customer account credentials.
  2. Select your user name (upper-right corner) to see Red Hat Account and Customer Portal selections: View account and portal selections
  3. Select Notifications. Your profile activity page appears.
  4. Select the Notifications tab.
  5. Select Manage Notifications.
  6. Select Follow, then choose Products from the drop-down box.
  7. From the drop-down box next to the Products, search for and select Red Hat Quay: Select Products from notifications box
  8. Select the SAVE NOTIFICATION button. Going forward, you will receive notifications when there are changes to the Red Hat Quay product, such as a new release.