Chapter 2. Installing the Quay Operator from OperatorHub

  1. Using the OpenShift console, Select Operators → OperatorHub, then select the Red Hat Quay Operator. If there is more than one, be sure to use the Red Hat certified Operator and not the community version.

    operatorhub quay

  2. The Installation page outlines the features and prerequisites:

    operator install page

  3. Select Install. The Operator Installation page appears.

    operator subscription

  4. The following choices are available for customizing the installation:

    • Update Channel: Choose the update channel, for example, stable-3.7 for the latest release.
    • Installation Mode: Choose All namespaces on the cluster if you want the Operator to be available cluster-wide. Choose A specific namespace on the cluster if you want it deployed only within a single namespace. It is recommended that you install the Operator cluster-wide. If you choose a single namespace, the monitoring component will not be available by default.
    • Approval Strategy: Choose to approve either automatic or manual updates. Automatic update strategy is recommended.
  5. Select Install.
  6. After a short time, you will see the Operator installed successfully in the Installed Operators page.