Once you have deployed a Red Hat Quay registry, there are many ways you can further configure and manage that deployment. Topics covered here include:

  • Advanced Red Hat Quay configuration
  • Setting notifications to alert you of a new Red Hat Quay release
  • Securing connections with SSL/TLS certificates
  • Directing action logs storage to Elasticsearch
  • Configuring image security scanning with Clair
  • Scan pod images with the Container Security Operator
  • Integrate Red Hat Quay into OpenShift Container Platform with the Quay Bridge Operator
  • Mirroring images with repository mirroring
  • Sharing Red Hat Quay images with a BitTorrent service
  • Authenticating users with LDAP
  • Enabling Quay for Prometheus and Grafana metrics
  • Setting up geo-replication
  • Troubleshooting Red Hat Quay

For a complete list of Red Hat Quay configuration fields, see the Configure Red Hat Quay page.