Chapter 5. Adding TLS Certificates to the Red Hat Quay Container

To add custom TLS certificates to Red Hat Quay, create a new directory named extra_ca_certs/ beneath the Red Hat Quay config directory. Copy any required site-specific TLS certificates to this new directory.

5.1. Add TLS certificates to Red Hat Quay

  1. View certificate to be added to the container

    $ cat storage.crt
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
  2. Create certs directory and copy certificate there

    $ mkdir -p quay/config/extra_ca_certs
    $ cp storage.crt quay/config/extra_ca_certs/
    $ tree quay/config/
    ├── config.yaml
    ├── extra_ca_certs
    │   ├── storage.crt
  3. Obtain the Quay container’s CONTAINER ID with podman ps:

    $ sudo podman ps
    CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS
    5a3e82c4a75f        <registry>/<repo>/quay:v3.8.7 "/sbin/my_init"          24 hours ago        Up 18 hours>80/tcp,>443/tcp, 443/tcp   grave_keller
  4. Restart the container with that ID:

    $ sudo podman restart 5a3e82c4a75f
  5. Examine the certificate copied into the container namespace:

    $ sudo podman exec -it 5a3e82c4a75f cat /etc/ssl/certs/storage.pem

5.2. Add certs when deployed on Kubernetes

When deployed on Kubernetes, Red Hat Quay mounts in a secret as a volume to store config assets. Unfortunately, this currently breaks the upload certificate function of the superuser panel.

To get around this error, a base64 encoded certificate can be added to the secret after Red Hat Quay has been deployed. Here’s how:

  1. Begin by base64 encoding the contents of the certificate:

    $ cat ca.crt
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----
    $ cat ca.crt | base64 -w 0
  2. Use the kubectl tool to edit the quay-enterprise-config-secret.

    $ kubectl --namespace quay-enterprise edit secret/quay-enterprise-config-secret
  3. Add an entry for the cert and paste the full base64 encoded string under the entry:

  4. Finally, recycle all Red Hat Quay pods. Use kubectl delete to remove all Red Hat Quay pods. The Red Hat Quay Deployment will automatically schedule replacement pods with the new certificate data.