Red Hat Quay is an enterprise-quality container registry. Use Red Hat Quay to build and store container images, then make them available to deploy across your enterprise.

The Red Hat Quay Operator provides a simple method to deploy and manage Red Hat Quay on an OpenShift cluster.

As of Red Hat Quay 3.4.0, the Operator has been completely re-written to provide an improved out of the box experience as well as support for more Day 2 operations. As a result the new Operator is simpler to use and is more opinionated. The key differences from earlier versions of the Operator are:

  • The QuayEcosystem custom resource has been replaced with the QuayRegistry custom resource
  • The default installation options produces a fully supported Quay environment with all managed dependencies (database, caches, object storage, etc) supported for production use (some components may not be highly available)
  • A new robust validation library for Quay’s configuration which is shared by the Quay application and config tool for consistency
  • Object storage can now be managed by the Operator using the ObjectBucketClaim Kubernetes API (Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation can be used to provide a supported implementation of this API on OpenShift)
  • Customization of the container images used by deployed pods for testing and development scenarios