Chapter 11. Creating an OAuth application in GitHub

You can authorize your registry to access a GitHub account and its repositories by registering it as a GitHub OAuth application.

11.1. Create new GitHub application

  1. Log into GitHub (Enterprise)
  2. Visit the Applications page under your organization’s settings.
  3. Click Register New Application. The Register a new OAuth application configuration screen is displayed: Register a new OAuth application
  4. Set Homepage URL: Enter the Quay Enterprise URL as the Homepage URL


    If using public GitHub, the Homepage URL entered must be accessible by your users. It can still be an internal URL.

  5. Set Authorization callback URL: Enter https://{$RED_HAT_QUAY_URL}/oauth2/github/callback as the Authorization callback URL.
  6. Save your settings by clicking the Register application button. The new new application’s summary is shown:
  7. Record the Client ID and Client Secret shown for the new application.