Chapter 9. Fixed issues in Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.8.1

Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.8.1 provides increased stability and fixed issues listed in this section.

9.1. Business Central

  • The dodeploy file is not available in the dashbuilder runtime distribution [RHPAM-3031]
  • When you export the dashbuilder related data, gradual export displays internal data sources [RHPAM-3021]
  • The performance of a DMN-based test scenario is degrades when the tested DMN model includes a PMML model [RHDM-1415]
  • In scenario simulation, the Test Tools panel on the right side displays the name of a field instead of the type [RHDM-1153]
  • KIE Server uses comma instead of semicolon as a separator for HTTP media type parameters [RHPAM-3086]
  • When you create a deployment unit and manually enter GAV values, you receive "GAV not found in the Maven repository" error message [RHPAM-3046]
  • When you save a BPMN file, Git commit history shows invalid username for SVG file [RHPAM-3007]
  • You cannot access Business Central when you change the settings of the role with the user containing a dot (.) character [RHPAM-2981]
  • When you convert an XLS spreadsheet decision table to a guided decision table, an exception error occurs [RHPAM-2939]
  • In Business Central, you cannot upload WorkItemHandler archetype [RHPAM-2889]
  • When a project displays an incorrect number of assets, then create another project with the same name [RHDM-1413]
  • Keyboard navigation fails in guided decision table [RHDM-1394]
  • In a guided rule template, Date field in the Data tab displays incorrect date [RHDM-1368]
  • You cannot save a file when you try to change the package in the source code of a data object [RHDM-1336]

9.2. Process Designer

  • When you select a rule flow group from the Properties panel, you cannot see the associated project name [RHPAM-2910]

9.3. Process engine

  • In Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.7.0, process upgrade fails if a process instance contains an active timer and it is migrated from Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite 6.4 release. Process migration fails with NullPointerException error [RHPAM-3078]
  • When you use Microsoft SQL Server 2016 with Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.7.1, you receive an error message regarding invalid process_inst_id or activity_id column names [RHPAM-2993]

9.4. Decision engine

  • An accumulate with more than one binding is generated incorrectly in the executable model [RHDM-1423]
  • When you use binding variables for properties in constraints, the rules are evaluated in class reactive [RHDM-1387]

9.5. Installer

  • The Red Hat Process Automation Manager installer contains references to Red Hat JBoss Web Server 5.2 [RHPAM-3077]

9.6. Offline Maven repository

  • Maven build using offline repository fails in offline environment and displays dependency error message [RHDM-1283]

9.7. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

  • When you deploy multiple KIE applications using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, duplicate Business Central links are generated [RHPAM-3055]