Chapter 7. Fixed issues in Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.8.0

Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.8.0 provides increased stability and fixed issues listed in this section.

7.1. Business Central

  • Dashbuilder data transfer feature does not work on Windows [RHPAM-2751]
  • In Business Central, you can not re-enable the clone project using http [RHPAM-2721]
  • An unexpected conflicting row error occurs when you try to modify guided decision table [RHPAM-2673]

7.2. Process engine

  • Expression in timer is not interpreted correctly when " is used for literal expression [RHPAM-2845]
  • Status of an active task is marked as completed when a process instance is aborted. Also, the getProcessInstanceHistoryCompleted API is fixed to return only completed nodes and not the aborted nodes [RHPAM-2796]


    A new ABORTED (2) node type is added to record such events in the NodeInstanceLog table. Any custom or built-in queries that rely on the node type are impacted by this change. The runtimeDataService.getProcessInstanceHistoryCompleted() method is now returns only the completed nodes and excludes the aborted nodes.

7.3. Process Designer

  • In Business Central, if you try to use timer expression components, you receive an error message [RHPAM-2695]
  • You cannot remove the case file and global variables [RHPAM-2643]
  • In the process designer, if you set an incorrect calledElement attribute, it breaks the process and you receive an error message [RHPAM-2432]

7.4. Decision engine

  • In DMN model, you can generate a strongly typed code for DMNContext and DMNResult with the help of codegen facility [RHDM-1323]

7.5. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

  • You cannot deploy immutable KIE Server environments on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform using Operators [RHPAM-2942]
  • You cannot create a custom extension image for database [RHPAM-2948]
  • Product environment fails to deploy on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with AWS Elastic Block Storage (EBS) because of AWS EBS volume plugin lack of support for ReadWriteMany (RWX) persistent volume access mode [RHPAM-2480]

7.6. DMN designer

  • In a decision table, when you create a simple decision node, an unnecessary typerRef error is generated [RHDM-1291]
  • When you use a decision table with a ContextEntry value along with Business Knowledge Model (BKM), validation of DMN model fails and you receive an error message [RHDM-1281]
  • Boxed list expression type is not supported [RHDM-1271]
  • Business Knowledge Model (BKM) does not support the maximum length for description text area [RHDM-1261]
  • The Properties panel is not refreshed when you select a top level decision table output header [RHDM-1247]
  • DMN decision node does not support the maximum length of the text area used for entering long question [RHDM-1228]
  • When you open a DMN diagram that does not contain layout information, nodes are all in the same position [RHDM-1150]