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Chapter 11. Running a test scenario locally

In Red Hat Process Automation Manager, you can either run the test scenarios directly in Business Central or locally using the command line.


  1. In Business Central, go to MenuDesignProjects and click the project name.
  2. On the Project’s home page, select the Settings tab.
  3. Select git URL and click the Clipboard Copy to clipboard icon to copy the git url.
  4. Open a command terminal and navigate to the directory where you want to clone the git project.
  5. Run the following command:

    git clone your_git_project_url

    Replace your_git_project_url with relevant data like git://localhost:9418/MySpace/ProjectTestScenarios.

  6. Once the project is successfully cloned, navigate to the git project directory and execute the following command:

    mvn clean test

    Your project’s build information and the test results (such as, the number of tests run and whether the test run was a success or not) are displayed in the command terminal. In case of failures, make the necessary changes in Business Central, pull the changes and run the command again.