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Chapter 1. Test scenarios

Test scenarios in Red Hat Process Automation Manager enable you to validate the functionality of business rules and business rule data (for rules-based test scenarios) or of DMN models (for DMN-based test scenarios) before deploying them into a production environment. With a test scenario, you use data from your project to set given conditions and expected results based on one or more defined business rules. When you run the scenario, the expected results and actual results of the rule instance are compared. If the expected results match the actual results, the test is successful. If the expected results do not match the actual results, then the test fails.

Red Hat Process Automation Manager currently supports both the new Test Scenarios designer and the former Test Scenarios (Legacy) designer. The default designer is the new test scenarios designer, which supports testing of both rules and DMN models and provides an enhanced overall user experience with test scenarios. If required, you can continue to use the legacy test scenarios designer, which supports rule-based test scenarios only.

You can run the defined test scenarios in a number of ways, for example, you can run available test scenarios at the project level or inside a specific test scenario asset. Test scenarios are independent and cannot affect or modify other test scenarios. You can run test scenarios at any time during project development in Business Central. You do not have to compile or deploy your decision service to run test scenarios.

You can import data objects from different packages to the same project package as the test scenario. Assets in the same package are imported by default. After you create the necessary data objects and the test scenario, you can use the Data Objects tab of the test scenarios designer to verify that all required data objects are listed or to import other existing data objects by adding a New item.


Throughout the test scenarios documentation, all references to test scenarios and the test scenarios designer are for the new version, unless explicitly noted as the legacy version.