Chapter 6. Fixed issues in Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.6.0

Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.6.0 provides increased stability and fixed issues listed in this section.


Red Hat Decision Manager fixed issues apply to Red Hat Process Automation Manager as well. For a list of Red Hat Decision Manager 7.6.0 fixed issues, see the Release Notes for Red Hat Decision Manager 7.6

6.1. Installer

  • Red Hat JBoss Web Server-only datasource configuration is missing elements [RHPAM-2428]

6.2. Business Central

  • After execution of a multi-instance subprocess, nodes are not blurred even though the process instance is completed [RHPAM-2472]
  • Cloning from a remote Git repostory that requires credentials does not work [RHPAM-2531]
  • An error dialog appears when you import a sample project twice [RHPAM-2434]
  • You cannot upload or download files that contain spaces or ampersands (&) in the name [RHPAM-2368]
  • Performance issues occur when you open assets with the project explorer [RHPAM-2359]
  • Role permissions do not persist and can reset after some time [RHPAM-2342]
  • A JavaScript error occurs when you try to modify action columns in guided decision table [RHPAM-2286]
  • Set the default runtime strategy in the new deployment unit wizard as it is set in kie-deployment-descriptor.xml file [RHPAM-2119]
  • Process designer performance degradation occurs for large processes [RHPAM-1976]
  • The Manage section filter tag displays the raw query instead of the named filter [RHPAM-1194]
  • A form modeler error occurs after you click New Instance in the MultipleSubForm Field properties window [RHPAM-1027]

6.3. High availability

  • Indexing in high-availability Business Central repeatedly creates threads that cause a Business Central pod to fail [RHPAM-2477]
  • Business Central imports a sample project several times [RHPAM-2372]
  • A TimeoutException occurs when you log in to clustered Business Central [RHPAM-1749]

6.4. Process engine

  • A GlobalTimerService.timerJobsPerSession leak occurs with the StartProcess timer [RHPAM-2479]
  • The engine must perform security checking (based on required roles) on process operations only [RHPAM-2449]
  • The REST API returns a quoted string, which is an invalid type, instead of a json or xml object [RHPAM-2012]

6.5. Process Server

  • Process Server periodically restarts if a container deployment fails [RHPAM-1793]

6.6. Smart Router

  • Smart Router must provide authentication for management endpoints [RHPAM-2462]

6.7. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

  • The Process Server pod fails to start after a user updates the BusyBox image on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform [RHPAM-2431]
  • It is not possible to build a high-availability complex image processing image because of a microdnf bug [RHPAM-2500]
  • Add AMQ support to the operator installer UI [RHPAM-2205]
  • Increase the AMQ broker version to 7.5 in OpenShift templates [RHDM-1122]
  • Add the missing environment variable for the Red Hat Business Optimizer thread pool size [RHDM-1096]