Chapter 1. Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and AppBuilder

Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is a low-code, component-based platform for building modern web, mobile, and IoT applications. AppBuilder is an application that provides features to help you configure and customize, with or without programming skills, any kind of modern web application built with AppBuilder. AppBuilder is a web-based administration console that you can use to build and configure your web application, manage your page data and activities, and integrate with other application tools, such as Red Hat Process Automation Manager.

Red Hat Process Automation Manager includes a rich, open-source user experience platform for building modern, process-driven applications in the cloud. AppBuilder uses the cloud native infrastructure provided by OpenShift leveraging services such as Ingress, sidecar containers, and pipelines. The user experience platform streamlines the development and enables business users to create compelling experiences for customers across a wide range of devices and channels. Business experts can quickly compose the applications by dragging and dropping the reusable user interface components to pages. Developers can freely work in the frontend frameworks of their choice. AppBuilder provides a library of out-of-the-box and micro-frontend widgets which enables the task lists, forms, and process graphs.

The basic components for building applications in AppBuilder are page models that define page layout and application widgets that define page data and functionality.

For more information about creating AppBuilder page models,pages and application widgets, see Getting Started with AppBuilder.