Chapter 1. Process Server

Process Server is the server where the rules and other artifacts for Red Hat Process Automation Manager are stored and run. Process Server is a standalone built-in component that can be used to instantiate and execute rules through interfaces available for REST, Java Message Service (JMS), or Java client-side applications, as well as to manage processes, jobs, and Red Hat Business Optimizer functionality through solvers.

Created as a web deployable WAR file, Process Server can be deployed on any web container. The current version of the Process Server is included with default extensions for both Red Hat Decision Manager and Red Hat Process Automation Manager.

Process Server has a low footprint with minimal memory consumption and therefore can be deployed easily on a cloud instance. Each instance of this server can open and instantiate multiple containers, which enables you to execute multiple rule services in parallel.

Process Server can be integrated with other application servers, such as Oracle WebLogic Server or IBM WebSphere Application Server, to streamline Red Hat Process Automation Manager application management.