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Chapter 1. Business processes

A business process is a diagram that describes the order for a series of steps that must be executed and consists of predefined nodes and connections. Each node represents one step in the process while the connections specify how to transition from one node to another.

A typical business process consists of the following components:

  • The header section that comprises global elements such as the name of the process, imports, and variables
  • The nodes section that contains all the different nodes that are part of the process
  • The connections section that links these nodes to each other to create a flow chart

Figure 1.1. Business process

This image shows the steps of "self evaluation" through the project manager and HR manager.

Red Hat Process Automation Manager contains the legacy process designer and the new process designer for creating business process diagrams. The new process designer has an improved layout and feature set and continues to be developed. Until all features of the legacy process designer are completely implemented in the new process designer, both designers are available in Business Central for you to use.


The legacy process designer in Business Central is deprecated in Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.6.0. It will be removed in a future Red Hat Process Automation Manager release. The legacy process designer will not receive any new enhancements or features. If you intend to use the new process designer, start migrating your processes to the new designer. Create all new processes in the new process designer. For information about migrating to the new designer, see Managing projects in Business Central.