Chapter 5. Importing business assets projects into and deploying from Business Central

You can import a business assets project that is part of a Red Hat Process Automation Manager business application into Business Central and then deploy that project to a business application.


  • You have a business application project running in development mode.
  • Red Hat Process Automation Manager Business Central is installed.


  1. Navigate to the <business-application>/<business-application>-kjar folder.
  2. Execute the following following commands to initialize the Git repository for your project:

    $ git init
    $ git add -A
    $ git commit -m "Initial project structure"
  3. Log in to Business Central and go to MenuDesignProjects.
  4. Select Import Project and enter the following URL:

  5. Click Import and confirm the project to be imported.
  6. After the business assets project is imported into Business Central, open the project and click Add Assets to add assets such as business processes to your business assets project.
  7. Click Deploy on your project page to deploy your project to a running business application.


    You can also select the Build & Install option to build the project and publish the KJAR file to the configured Maven repository without deploying to a Process Server. In a development environment, you can click Deploy to deploy the built KJAR file to a Process Server without stopping any running instances (if applicable), or click Redeploy to deploy the built KJAR file and replace all instances. The next time you deploy or redeploy the built KJAR, the previous deployment unit (KIE container) is automatically updated in the same target Process Server. In a production environment, the Redeploy option is disabled and you can click Deploy only to deploy the built KJAR file to a new deployment unit (KIE container) on a Process Server.

    To configure the Process Server environment mode, set the org.kie.server.mode system property to org.kie.server.mode=development or org.kie.server.mode=production. To configure the deployment behavior for a corresponding project in Business Central, go to project SettingsGeneral SettingsVersion and toggle the Development Mode option. By default, Process Server and all new projects in Business Central are in development mode. You cannot deploy a project with Development Mode turned on or with a manually added SNAPSHOT version suffix to a Process Server that is in production mode.

  8. To review project deployment details, click View deployment details in the deployment banner at the top of the screen or in the Deploy drop-down menu. This option directs you to the MenuDeployExecution Servers page.
  9. To interact with your newly deployed business assets, go to MenuManageProcess Definitions and Process Instances.