Chapter 2. Case management Showcase application

The Showcase application is included in the Red Hat Process Automation Manager distribution to demonstrate the capabilities of case management in an application environment. Showcase is intended to be used as a proof of concept that aims to show the interaction between business process management (BPM) and case management. You can use the application to start, close, monitor, and interact with cases.

Showcase must be installed in addition to the Business Central application and Process Server. The Showcase application is required to start new case instances, however the case work is still performed in Business Central.

After a case instance is created and is being worked on, you can monitor the case in the Showcase application by clicking the case in the Case List to open the case Overview page.

Showcase Support

The Showcase application is not an integral part of Red Hat Process Automation Manager and is intended for demonstration purposes for case management. Showcase is provided to encourage customers to adopt and modify it to work for their specific needs. The content of the application itself does not carry product-specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We encourage you to report issues, request for enhancements, and any other feedback for consideration in Showcase updates.

Red Hat Support will provide guidance on the use of this template on a commercially reasonable basis for its intended use, excluding the provided example UI code provided within.


Production support is limited to the Red Hat Process Automation Manager distribution.