Chapter 1. Business processes in Business Central

A business process application created by a citizen developer in Business Central depicts the flow of the business process as a series of steps. Each step executes according to the process flow chart. A process can consist of one or more smaller discrete tasks. As a knowledge worker, you work on processes and tasks that occur during business process execution.

As an example, using Red Hat Process Automation Manager, the mortgage department of a financial institution can automate the complete business process for a mortgage loan. When a new mortgage request comes in, a new process instance is created in the mortgage application. Because all requests follow the same set of rules for processing, consistency in every step is ensured. This results in an efficient process that reduces processing time and effort.

1.1. Knowledge worker user

Consider the example of a customer account representative processing mortgage loan requests at a financial institution. As a customer account representative, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Accept and decline mortgage requests
  • Search and filter through requests
  • Delegate, claim, and release requests
  • Set a due date and priority on requests
  • View and comment on requests
  • View the request history log