Chapter 10. Executing the MortgageApprovalProcess process application

Now that you have deployed the project, you can execute the project’s defined functionality. For this tutorial you input data into a mortgage application form acting as the mortgage broker. The MortgageApprovalProcess business process runs and determines whether or not the applicant has offered an acceptable down payment based on the decision rules that you defined earlier. The business process either ends the rule testing or requests that the applicant increase the down payment to proceed. If the application passes the business rule testing, the bank’s approver reviews the application and either approve or deny the loan.


  • Process Server is deployed and connected to Business Central.
  • The Mortgage_Process application has been deployed.
  • The user or users working on the tasks are members of the following groups:

    • approver: For the Qualify task
    • broker: For the Correct Data and Increase Down Payment tasks
    • manager: For the Final Approval task


  1. Log in to Red Hat Process Automation Manager and click MenuManageProcess Definitions.
  2. Click anywhere in the MortgageApprovalProcess row to view the process details.
  3. Click the Diagram tab to view the business process diagram in the editor.
  4. Click New Process Instance to open the Application form and input the following values in to the form fields:

    • Down Payment: 30000
    • Years of amortization: 10
    • Name: Ivo
    • Annual Income: 60000
    • SSN: 123456789
    • Age of property: 8
    • Address of property: Brno
    • Locale: Rural
    • Property Sale Price: 50000
  5. Click Submit to start a new process instance. After starting the process instance, the Instance Details view opens.
  6. Click the Diagram tab to view the process flow within the process diagram. The state of the process is highlighted as it moves through each task.
  7. Click MenuTrackTask Inbox. This takes you to the Qualify form.
  8. As the approver, review the Qualify task information, click Claim and then Start to start the task, and then select Is mortgage application in limit? and click Complete to complete the task flow.
  9. In the Task Inbox, click anywhere in the Final Approval row to open the Final Approval task.
  10. Click Claim to claim responsibility for the task, and click Complete to finalize the loan approval process.

The Save and Release buttons are only used to either pause the approval process and save the instance if you are waiting on a field value, or to release the task for another user to modify.