Chapter 2. Case Management Model and Notation

You can use Business Central to import, view, and modify the content of Case Management and Notation (CMMN) files. When authoring a project, you can import your case management model and then select it from the asset list to view or modify it in a standard XML editor.

The following CMMN constructs are currently available:

  • Tasks (human task, process task, decision task, case task)
  • Discretionary tasks (same as above)
  • Stages
  • Milestones
  • Case file items
  • Sentries (entry and exit)

Required, repeat, and manual activation tasks are currently not supported. Sentries for individual tasks are limited to entry criteria while entry and exit criteria are supported for stages and milestones. Decision tasks map by default to a DMN decision. Event listeners are not supported.

Red Hat Process Automation Manager does not provide any modeling capabilities for CMMN and focuses solely on the execution of the model.