Chapter 12. Closing cases

A case instance can be completed when there are no more activities to be performed and the business goal is achieved, or it can be closed prematurely. Usually the case owner closes the case when all work is completed and the case goals have been met. When you close a case, consider adding a comment about why the case instance is being closed. A closed case can be reopened later with the same case ID if required.

You can close case instances remotely using Process Server REST API requests or directly in the Showcase application.

12.1. Closing a case using the Process Server REST API

You can use a REST API request to close a case instance. Red Hat Process Automation Manager includes the Swagger client, which includes endpoints and documentation for REST API requests. Alternatively, you can use the same endpoints to make API calls using your preferred client or Curl.


  • A case instance has been started using Showcase.
  • You are able to authenticate API requests as a user with the admin role.


  1. Open the Swagger REST API client in a web browser:


  2. Under Case Instances :: Case Management, open the POST request with the following endpoint:


  3. Click Try it out and fill in the required parameters:

    Table 12.1. Parameters






  4. Optionally, you can include a comment to be included in the case file. To leave a comment, type it into the body text field as a String.
  5. Click Execute to close the case.
  6. To confirm the case is closed, open the Showcase application and change the case list status to Closed.

12.2. Closing a case in the Showcase application

A case instance is complete when no more activities need to be performed and the business goal has been achieved. After a case is complete, you can close the case to indicate that the case is complete and that no further work is required. When you close a case, consider adding a specific comment about why you are closing the case. If needed, you can reopen the case later with the same case ID.

You can use the Showcase application to close a case instance at any time. From Showcase, you can easily view the details of the case or leave a comment before closing it.


  • You are logged in to the Showcase application and are the owner or administrator for a case instance that you want to close.


  1. In the Showcase application, locate the case instance you want to close from the list of case instances.
  2. To close the case without viewing the details first, click Close.
  3. To close the case from the case details page, click the case in the list to open it.

    From the case overview page you can add comments to the case and verify that you are closing the correct case based on the case information.

  4. Click Close to close the case.
  5. Click Back to Case List in the upper-left corner of the page to return to the Showcase case list view.
  6. Click the drop-down list next to Status and select Canceled to view the list of closed and canceled cases.