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Chapter 6. Fixed issues in Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.2.1

Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.2.1 provides increased stability and fixed issues listed in this section.

6.1. Business Central

  • The BRL condition is contained in the (comma separated) list does not produce a multi-select drop-down in the guided decision table or guided rule template [RHPAM-510]
  • There are errors in the server log when importing sample projects [RHPAM-1729]
  • Cannot turn off SSL verification when cloning a git project [RHPAM-1754]
  • A NullPointerException is thrown while creating multiple projects through the curl command [RHPAM-1713]
  • Incorrect log order for events occurring within 1 second [RHPAM-1784]
  • Incorrect association between ProcessInstanceLog and task data on jbpmHumanTasks and the jbpmHumanTasksWithAdmin data sets [RHPAM-1666]
  • Garbled message in the start process form when the OS locale is Japanese [RHPAM-1750]

6.2. Decision engine

  • An error occurs when using the 7.1.x version of the kie-maven-plugin in JBDS [RHDM-802]
  • Incremental compilation fails when calling a static method in RHS [RHPAM-1453]

6.3. Process designer

  • Cannot set a sub-process from different project as reusable [RHPAM-1667]
  • Cannot attach boundary events to service tasks in the new process designer [RHPAM-1773]
  • Issues related to boundary events in the new process designer [RHPAM-1809]

6.4. Process Server

  • Process Server loses connection to Business Central [RHPAM-1718]
  • Variables in the task description are no longer resolved after migration [RHPAM-1688]
  • A process does not stop after an exception occurs when the AsyncMode environment entry value is true [RHPAM-1760]

6.5. Maven repository

  • Missing JWS dependencies in offline Maven repository distribution [RHPAM-1715]

6.6. OpenShift

  • Add HTTPS support to Smart Router OpenShift images [RHPAM-1814]

6.7. Update tool

  • Add support for Process Server and the Process Automation Manager controller in the update tool [RHPAM-1824]