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Chapter 9. Deploying the MortgageApprovalProcess process application

The following chapter instructs you how to build and deploy a new instance of the Mortgage_Process application in Red Hat Process Automation Manager.


The Process Server is deployed and connected to the Business Central.


  1. Log in to Business Central and click MenuDesignProjectsMortgage_Process.
  2. Click Deploy.

    • If no KIE container (deployment unit) is included with the project name, a container with default values is automatically created.
    • If an older version of the project is already deployed, go to the project settings and change the project version. When finished, save the change and click Deploy. This deploys a new version of the same project with the latest changes in place, alongside the older version(s).
  3. To verify the deployment, click MenuManageProcess Definitions, and click btn refresh .
  4. Click on the three vertical dots in the Actions column and select Start to start a new instance of the process.