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Chapter 15. Managing GAV checks

In Business Central, projects are identified using Maven naming convention or GAV (group Id, artifact, and version) data. GAV values differentiate projects and project versions as well as identify dependencies with particular projects.

By default, Business Central detects duplicate GAVs. This feature can be disabled by users with the admin role.

Enabling GAV checks and child GAV edition


  1. Log in to Business Central.
  2. Select MenuDesignProjects.
  3. Double-click the project to open it.
  4. In the Project Editor window, click the Settings tab.
  5. Make the following selections from the General Settings tab.

    1. Select Disable GAV conflict check to enable other projects to have the same GAV.
    2. Select Allow child GAV edition to enable child projects to have GAV edition.
  6. Click Save.


    Click Reset to undo all changes.

  7. Click Save again to confirm the changes.

You can disable the duplicate GAV detection feature by setting the org.guvnor.project.gav.check.disabled system property to true when you start Business Central.

$ ~/EAP_HOME/bin/ -c standalone-full.xml