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Chapter 4. Downloading Red Hat build of OptaPlanner examples

You can download the Red Hat build of OptaPlanner examples as a part of the Red Hat Process Automation Manager add-ons package available on the Red Hat Customer Portal.


  1. Navigate to the Software Downloads page in the Red Hat Customer Portal (login required), and select the product and version from the drop-down options:

    • Product: Process Automation Manager
    • Version: 7.12
  2. Download Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7.12 Add Ons.
  3. Extract the file. The extracted add-ons folder contains the file.
  4. Extract the file.


The extracted rhpam-7.12.0-planner-engine directory contains example source code under the following subdirectories:

  • examples/sources/src/main/java/org/optaplanner/examples
  • examples/sources/src/main/resources/org/optaplanner/examples

4.1. Running OptaPlanner examples

Red Hat build of OptaPlanner includes several examples that demonstrate a variety of planning use cases. Download and use the examples to explore different types of planning solutions.



  1. To run the examples, in the rhpam-7.12.0-planner-engine/examples directory enter one of the following commands:

    Linux or Mac:

    $ ./


    $ runExamples.bat

    The OptaPlanner Examples window opens.

  2. Select an example to run that example.

Red Hat build of OptaPlanner has no GUI dependencies. It runs just as well on a server or a mobile JVM as it does on the desktop.

4.2. Running the Red Hat build of OptaPlanner examples in an IDE (IntelliJ, Eclipse, or Netbeans)

If you use an integrated development environment (IDE), such as IntelliJ, Eclipse, or Netbeans, you can run your downloaded OptaPlanner examples within your development environment.



  1. Open the OptaPlanner examples as a new project:

    1. For IntelliJ or Netbeans, open examples/sources/pom.xml as the new project. The Maven integration guides you through the rest of the installation. Skip the rest of the steps in this procedure.
    2. For Eclipse, open a new project for the /examples/binaries directory, located under the rhpam-7.12.0-planner-engine directory.
  2. Add all the JAR files that are in the binaries directory to the classpath, except for the examples/binaries/optaplanner-examples-7.59.0.Final-redhat-00006.jar file.
  3. Add the Java source directory src/main/java and the Java resources directory src/main/resources, located under the rhpam-7.12.0-planner-engine/examples/sources/ directory.
  4. Create a run configuration:

    • Main class:
    • VM parameters (optional): -Xmx512M -server -Dorg.optaplanner.examples.dataDir=examples/sources/data
    • Working directory: examples/sources
  5. Run the run configuration.