Chapter 9. Importing projects from Git repositories

Git is a distributed version control system. It implements revisions as commit objects. When you save your changes to a repository, a new commit object in the Git repository is created.

Business Central uses Git to store project data, including assets such as rules and processes. When you create a project in Business Central, it is added to a Git repository that is connected to Business Central. If you have projects in Git repositories, you can import the project’s master branch or import the master branch along with other specific branches into the Business Central Git repository through Business Central spaces.


  • Red Hat Process Automation Manager projects exist in an external Git repository.
  • You have the credentials required for read access to that external Git repository.


  1. In Business Central, go to MenuDesignProjects.
  2. Select or create the space into which you want to import the projects. The default space is MySpace.
  3. In the upper-right corner of the screen, click the arrow next to Add Project and select Import Project.
  4. In the Import Project window, enter the URL and credentials for the Git repository that contains the project that you want to import and click Import. The Import Projects page is displayed.
  5. Optional: To import master and specific branches, do the following tasks:

    1. On the Import Projects page, click the branches branch icon icon.
    2. In the Branches to be imported window, select branches from the list.


      You must select the master branch as a minimum.

    3. Click Ok.
  6. On the Import Projects page, ensure the project is highlighted and click Ok.