Chapter 17. Renaming, copying, or deleting assets

After an asset has been created and defined, you can use the Repository View of the Project Explorer to copy, rename, delete, or archive assets as needed.


  1. In Business Central, go to MenuDesignProjects and click the project name.
  2. Click the asset name and expand the Project Explorer by clicking expand proj explorer on the upper-left corner.
  3. Click 4766 in the Project Explorer toolbar and select Repository View to display the folders and files that make up the asset.
  4. Use the icons next to each listed asset to copy, rename, delete, or archive the asset as needed. Some of these options may not be available for all assets.

    Figure 17.1. Copy, rename, delete, or archive assets

    assets renaming
  5. Use the following toolbar buttons to copy, rename, or delete assets.

    Figure 17.2. Toolbar options