Chapter 19. Filtering assets by tags

You can apply tags in the metadata of each asset and then group assets by tags in the Project Explorer. This feature helps you quickly search through assets of a specific category.


  1. In Business Central, go to MenuDesignProjects and click the project name.
  2. Open the asset editor by clicking the asset name.
  3. In the asset editor window, go to Overview → Metadata.
  4. In the Tags field, enter the name of your new tag and click Add new tag(s). You can assign multiple tags to an asset by separating tag names with a space.

    Figure 19.1. Creating tags

    Creating Tags in Matadata view

    The assigned tags are displayed as buttons next to the Tags field.

    Figure 19.2. Tags in metadata view

    Tags created in Metadata View

    Click the trash icon on the tag button to delete the tag.

    Figure 19.3. Deleting tags in metadata view

    Deleting tags in Metadata View
  5. Click Save to save your metadata changes.
  6. Expand the Project Explorer by clicking expand proj explorer on the upper-left corner.
  7. Click 5461 in the Project Explorer toolbar and select Enable Tag filtering.

    Figure 19.4. Enable tag filtering

    Enable Tag Filtering in Customize View

    This displays a Filter by Tag drop-down menu in the Project Explorer.

    Figure 19.5. Filter by tag

    Enable Tag Filtering in Customize View

    You can sort your assets through this filter to display all assets and service tasks that include the selected metadata tag.