Chapter 14. Accessing runtime data from Business Central

The following pages in Business Central allow you to view the runtime data of the KIE Server:

  • Process Reports
  • Task Reports
  • Process Definitions
  • Process Instances
  • Execution Errors
  • Jobs
  • Tasks

These pages use the credentials of the currently logged in user to load data from the KIE Server. Therefore, to be able to view the runtime data in Business Central, ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • The user exists in the KIE container (deployment unit) running the Business Central application. This user must have admin, analyst, or developer roles assigned, in addition to the kie-server role, with full access to the runtime data. The manager and process_admin roles also allow access to runtime data pages in Business Central.
  • The user exists in the KIE container (deployment unit) running the KIE Server and has kie-server role assigned.
  • Communication between Business Central and the KIE Server is established. That is, the KIE Server is registered in the Process Automation Manager controller, which is part of Business Central.
  • The login module is present in the standalone.xml configuration of the server running Business Central:

     <login-module code="" flag="optional" module=""/>