Chapter 53. Business Central custom dashboards

A dashboard is a collection of Business Central pages that contain at least one reporting component. Dashboards often contain data sets, navigation trees, and permissions.

There are four stages in the creation of a custom dashboard:

  • Data set authoring: Define a data set for accessing the data and displaying it through the pages. For more information, see Adding data sets.
  • Page authoring: Create the dashboard pages. For more information, see Creating pages.
  • Publication - In this stage, navigation between pages are defined when you create the custom navigation trees or modify the existing default one (Workbench tree). For more information, see Creating a navigation tree or Editing a navigation tree.
  • Security management - In this stage, role and group permissions are set which defines the privileges that are granted to a user when the user is working on Business Central. For more information, see Security management.

Additional resources

To migrate dashboards from a previous version of Business Central, use the Dashbuilder Data Transfer feature described in Section 58.1, “Exporting Business Central dashboard data”.