Chapter 24. Providing a custom class to your business application in Business Central

To interact with Red Hat AMQ Streams, your business application requires a custom class in the following cases:

  • You want to use a custom message format for sending or receiving messages using message events.
  • You want to use a custom serializer class for the KafkaPublishMessages custom task.

To use a custom class in your business application, use Business Central to upload the source code and configure the class.

Alternatively, if you deploy your application on SpringBoot, you can compile the classes separately and include them in the class path. In this case, do not complete this procedure.


  1. Prepare Java source files with the required custom classes, for example, MyCustomSerializer. Use the package name for your space and project, for example, com.myspace.test.
  2. In Business Central, enter your project and select the SettingsDependencies tab.
  3. Add any dependencies that your custom classes require, for example, org.apache.kafka.kafka-clients.
  4. Select the Assets tab.
  5. For each of the class source files, complete the following steps:

    1. Click Import Asset.
    2. In the Please select a file to upload field, select the location of the Java source file for the custom serializer class.
    3. Click Ok to upload the file.