Chapter 11. Configuring Smart Router for TLS support

You can configure Smart Router (KIE Server Router) for TLS support to allow HTTPS traffic.



  • To start Smart Router with TLS support and HTTPS enabled, use the TLS keystore properties, for example:

    java  -Dorg.kie.server.router.tls.keystore = <KEYSTORE_PATH>
          -Dorg.kie.server.router.tls.keystore.password = <KEYSTORE_PWD>
          -Dorg.kie.server.router.tls.keystore.keyalias = <KEYSTORE_ALIAS>
          -Dorg.kie.server.router.tls.port = <HTTPS_PORT>
          -jar rhpam-7.9.0-smart-router.jar

    org.kie.server.router.tls.port is a property used to configure the HTTPS port. The default HTTPS port value is 9443.