Chapter 55. Guided rule templates

Guided rule templates are business rule structures with placeholder values (template keys) that are interchanged with actual values defined in separate data tables. Each row of values defined in the corresponding data table for that template results in a rule. Guided rule templates are ideal when many rules have the same conditions, actions, and other attributes but differ in values of facts or constraints. In such cases, instead of creating many similar guided rules and defining values in each rule, you can create a guided rule template with the rule structure that applies to each rule and then define only the differing values in the data table.

The guided rule templates designer provides fields and options for acceptable template input based on the data objects for the rule template being defined, and a corresponding data table where you add template key values. After you create your guided rule template and add values in the corresponding data table, the rules you defined are compiled into Drools Rule Language (DRL) rules as with all other rule assets.

All data objects related to a guided rule template must be in the same project package as the guided rule template. Assets in the same package are imported by default. After you create the necessary data objects and the guided rule template, you can use the Data Objects tab of the guided rule templates designer to verify that all required data objects are listed or to import other existing data objects by adding a New item.