Chapter 36. Converting a guided decision table to a spreadsheet decision table

After you define a guided decision table in Business Central, you can convert the guided decision table to an XLS spreadsheet decision table file for offline reference and file sharing. The guided decision table must be an extended entry guided decision table in order to be converted. The conversion tool does not support limited entry guided decision tables.

For more information about spreadsheet decision tables, see Designing a decision service using spreadsheet decision tables.


Guided decision tables and spreadsheet decision tables are different table formats that support different features. Any supported features that differ between the two decision table formats (Hit policy, for example) are modified or lost when you convert one decision table format to the other.


In Business Central, navigate to the guided decision table asset that you want to convert and in the upper-right toolbar of the decision tables designer, click Convert to XLS:

Figure 36.1. Convert an uploaded decision table

Decision table example

After the conversion, the converted decision table is then available as a spreadsheet decision table asset in your project that you can download for offline reference.