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Chapter 4. File Shares


The OpenStack Shared File System service is available in this release as a Technology Preview, and therefore is not fully supported by Red Hat. It should only be used for testing, and should not be deployed in a production environment. For more information about Technology Preview features, see Scope of Coverage Details.

The OpenStack File Share Service (openstack-manila) provides the means to easily provision shared file systems that can be consumed by multiple instances. In the past, OpenStack users needed to manually deploy shared file systems before mounting them on instances. The OpenStack File Share Service, on the other hand, allows users to easily provision shares from a pre-configured storage pool, ready to be mounted securely. This pool, in turn, can be independently managed and scaled to meet demand.

The OpenStack File Share Service also allows administrators to define settings for different types of shares (namely, share types), in the same way that the OpenStack Block Storage service uses volume types. In addition, the OpenStack File Share Service service also provides the means to manage access, security, and snapshots for provisioned shares.

At present, the Shared File System Service can only be deployed manually. For instructions on how to do so with a CephFS back end, see Shared File System Service Deployment Guide (Technology Preview).