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Chapter 1. Introduction

Red Hat OpenStack Platform provides the foundation to build a private or public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It offers a massively scalable, fault-tolerant platform for the development of cloud-enabled workloads.
The current Red Hat system is based on OpenStack Mitaka, and packaged so that available physical hardware can be turned into a private, public, or hybrid cloud platform including:
  • Fully distributed object storage
  • Persistent block-level storage
  • Virtual-machine provisioning engine and image storage
  • Authentication and authorization mechanism
  • Integrated networking
  • Web browser-based GUI for both users and administration.
The Red Hat OpenStack Platform IaaS cloud is implemented by a collection of interacting services that control its computing, storage, and networking resources. The cloud is managed using a web-based interface which allows administrators to control, provision, and automate OpenStack resources. Additionally, the OpenStack infrastructure is facilitated through an extensive API, which is also available to end users of the cloud.

1.1. About this Release

This release of Red Hat OpenStack Platform is based on the OpenStack "Mitaka" release. It includes additional features, known issues, and resolved issues specific to Red Hat OpenStack Platform.
Only changes specific to Red Hat OpenStack Platform are included in this document. The release notes for the OpenStack "Mitaka" release itself are available at the following location:
Red Hat OpenStack Platform uses components from other Red Hat products. See the following links for specific information pertaining to the support of these components:
To evaluate Red Hat OpenStack Platform, sign up at:


The Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Availability Add-On is available for Red Hat OpenStack Platform use cases. See the following URL for more details on the add-on: See the following URL for details on the package versions to use in combination with Red Hat OpenStack Platform: