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2.3. Compute

This section outlines the top new features for the Compute service.
Libvirt Hardware Policy from libosinfo
Optimized guest performance using the operating system information database (libosinfo), which contains metadata about operating systems and the virtual hardware they support. Integration with libosinfo allows users to set the os_name image property to a valid short ID such as rhel7 or winxp or URI for the operating system. The Compute service then automatically determines other optimal properties for the guest operating system, reducing the number of properties that must be manually set for each guest.
Performance-Based Thread Placement Policies for NFV and HPC Workloads
Earlier releases added support for instances with dedicated CPU resources and NUMA topology awareness that default to prefering the use of sibling threads for vCPUs where available using Simultaneous multithreading (SMT). With this release, this behavior can now be configured using image properties and flavor extra specifications:
  • prefer - Default, prefers placing guest vCPUs on sibling threads where they are available. Host may or may not have SMT support.
  • isolate - Isolates threads placing guest vCPUs on different physical cores. On systems with SMT support ensures that no vCPUs from other guests are placed on those cores.
  • require - Requires the use of thread siblings. The host must have SMT support.