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Chapter 2. OpenStack Integration Test Suite Scripts

The OpenStack Integration Test Suite provides some scripts you can use to install, and configure it and the script allows you to run tests on your OpenStack deployment. You can find the entire list of the tools available for the OpenStack Integration Test Suite service in the /tools directory. The following is a brief summary on each of these scripts. You can get more details by running them with the option -h:

  • configure-tempest-directory - The Integration Test Suite expects the tests it discovers to be in the current working directory. This script will add symbollic links and other files to the current directory so that you can run tempest against the cloud. You can run this script in different directories to run tempest against different clouds from the same machine.
  • - The OpenStack Integration Test Suite can be difficult to configure. You need to set various options, and different users, tenants, flavors, images, need to be created. The script makes the configuration easier. Using the --create option, you can create the necessary resources and admin credentials. Red Hat recommends that you do not include the admin credentials while running the script against an enterprise cloud.
  • - This script is a wrapper around the testr test runner that provides a file with a set of tests to skip as well as producing optional xunit output. All the long arguments to the testr can be used with this script. See the testr documentation for more information.

For more details on these scripts, see List and Description of the OpenStack Integration Test Suite Scripts