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A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat OpenStack Platform

Chapter 1. Introduction

OpenStack Integration Test Suite (tempest) is a set of integration tests that are to be run against a live OpenStack cluster. The Integration Test Suite has a set of tests for OpenStack API validation, scenarios and other specific tests useful in validating your Red Hat OpenStack Platform deployment.

The OpenStack Integration Test Suite provides a stable library interface that provides external tools or test suites an interface for reusing pieces of tempest code. Any public interface that lives in tempest/lib in the OpenStack Integration Test Suite repository is treated as a stable public interface and it should be safe to external consume that. Every effort goes into maintaining backwards compatibility with any change. The library is self contained and does not have any dependency on other OpenStack Integration Test Suite internals outside of library.

Red Hat OpenStack Platform components have implemented API microversions. The Integration Test Suite provides stable interfaces to support to test the API microversions. Based on the microversion range coming from the combination of configuration options and each test case, APIs request is made with the selected microversion.