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12.4. Configure the Telemetry Service Database Connection

The database connection URL used by the Telemetry service is defined in the /etc/ceilometer/ceilometer.conf file. It must be updated to point to a valid database server before starting the Telemetry API service (openstack-ceilometer-api), Notification agent (openstack-ceilometer-notification), and Collector agent (openstack-ceilometer-collector).
All steps in this procedure must be performed on the server or servers hosting the openstack-ceilometer-api service and the openstack-ceilometer-collector service, while logged in as the root user.

Procedure 12.2. Configuring the Telemetry Service Database Connection

  • Set the database connection string:
    # openstack-config --set /etc/ceilometer/ceilometer.conf \
       database connection mongodb://ceilometer:MONGOPASS@MONGOHOST/ceilometer
    Replace the following values:
    • Replace MONGOPASS with the password of the ceilometer user; it is required by the Telemetry service to log in to the database server. Supply these credentials only when required by the database server (for example, when the database server is hosted on another system or node).
    • Replace MONGOHOST with the IP address or host name and the port of the server hosting the database service.
    If MongoDB is hosted locally on the same host, use the following database connection string: