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18.2. Configure the OpenStack Benchmarking Service

When you have successfully installed the Benchmarking service, you need to configure the Benchmarking service environment by providing the service access to your OpenStack deployment.

Procedure 18.2. Confifuring the OpenStack Benchmarking Service

  1. Export the OpenStack environment variables with the proper credentials. The credentials are as follows:
    # export OS_USERNAME=admin
    # export OS_TENANT_NAME=admin
    # export OS_PASSWORD=
    # export OS_AUTH_URL=http://IP:35357/v2
  2. Add the existing Red Hat OpenStack environment to the Benchmarking service database. Create a Benchmarking service deployment json file labeled osp-deployment.json:
      "type": "ExistingCloud",
        "auth_url": "http://DEPLOYMENT_IP:35357/v2.0/",
        "region_name": "RegionOne",
      "endpoint_type": "public",
        "admin": {
            "username": "admin",
            "password": "********",
            "tenant_name": "admin"
        "users": [
                "username": "admin",
                "password": "*****",
                "tenant_name": "admin"
  3. (Optional) If creating additional users outside of rally and adding them to the osp-deployment.json file, take a look at 1175432 for a known race condition.
  4. Add the existing OpenStack deployment to the rally database. The following example names the entry RA_Rally and captures all the appropriate credentials required within the osp-deployment.json file:
    # rally deployment create --name RA-Rally --file osp-deployment.json
    | uuid                    | created_at                 | name     | status           | active |
    | 496e3be9-6020-4543-82f6-e7eb90517153 | 2015-05-12 15:18:13.817669 | RA-Rally | deploy->finished |    |
    Using deployment: 496e3be9-6020-4543-82f6-e7eb90517153
    ~/.rally/openrc was updated
    [ ... Output Abbreviated ... ]