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15.3. Create the Shared File System Service Identity Records

After installing the necessary packages, create the Identity records required for the Shared File System service. Perform the following procedure on the Identity service host, or on any machine onto which you have copied the keystonerc_admin file.


For more details about the keystonerc_admin file, see Section 3.5, “Create an Administrator Account and the Identity Service Endpoint”.

Procedure 15.1. Creating Identity Records for the Shared File System Service

  1. Set up the shell to access the Identity service as an administrative user.
    # source ~/keystonerc_admin
  2. Create the manila service user:
    [(keystone_admin)]# openstack user create --password MANILAPASS --email manila@localhost manila
    Replace MANILAPASS with a password that will be used by the Shared File System service when authenticating with the Identity service.
  3. Add the admin role to the manila user.
    [(keystone_admin)]# openstack role add --project services --user manila admin
  4. Create the manila service entities:
    [(keystone_admin)]# openstack service create --name manila --description "OpenStack Shared Filesystems" share
  5. Create the manila endpoint entry:
    [(keystone_admin)]# openstack endpoint create \
    --publicurl 'http://MANILAIP:8786/v1/%(tenant_id)s' \
    --internalurl 'http://MANILAIP:8786/v1/%(tenant_id)s' \
    --adminurl 'http://MANILAIP:8786/v1/%(tenant_id)s' \
    --region RegionOne \
    Replace MANILAIP with the IP of the Controller node.