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14.5. Set Time-Series-Database-as-a-Service as the Backend for Telemetry Service

Telemetry service, by default only saves metering data in a database. To allow Telemetry to send metering data to other systems in addition to the database, multiple dispatchers can be developed and enabled by modifying the Telemetry configuration file. The gnocchi dispatcher posts the meters onto TDSaaS backend.
For the gnocchi dispatcher, add the following configuration settings to the /etc/ceilometer/ceilometer.conf file:
dispatcher = gnocchi

filter_project = gnocchi_swift
filter_service_activity = True
archive_policy = low
url = http://localhost:8041
The url in the above configuration is a TDSaaS endpoint URL and depends on your deployment.


If the gnocchi dispatcher is enabled, Ceilometer API calls will return a 410, with an empty result. The TDSaaS API should be used instead to access the data.
Restart the gnocchi service to ensure that the change takes effect:
# systemctl restart openstack-ceilometer-api.service