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9.5. Integrate Telemetry and Orchestration Services

The Orchestration service can use the Telemetry service (and its alarms) to monitor the resource usage of stacks created using the heat stack-create command. To enable this, the Orchestration service must be installed and configured accordingly (see Section 12.1, “Overview of Telemetry Service Deployment” for more information).
Telemetry service alarms are used by the autoscaling feature. This feature allows the Orchestration service to automatically create stacks when the usage of a specific resource reaches a certain level. To allow Orchestration to use Telemetry alarms, uncomment or add the following line in the resource_registry section of /etc/heat/environment.d/default.yaml:
"AWS::CloudWatch::Alarm":  "file:///etc/heat/templates/AWS_CloudWatch_Alarm.yaml"