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12.5. Create the Telemetry Identity Records

Create and configure Identity service records required by the Telemetry service. These entries assist other OpenStack services attempting to locate and access the functionality provided by the Telemetry service.
This procedure assumes that you have already created an administrative user account and a services tenant. For more information, see:
Perform this procedure on the Identity service server, or on any machine onto which you have copied the keystonerc_admin file and on which the keystone command-line utility is installed.

Procedure 12.3. Creating Identity Records for the Telemetry Service

  1. Set up the shell to access keystone as the administrative user:
    # source ~/keystonerc_admin
  2. Create the ceilometer user:
    [(keystone_admin)]# openstack user create --password PASSWORD --email CEILOMETER_EMAIL ceilometer
    Replace the following values:
    • Replace PASSWORD with the password that will be used by the Telemetry service when authenticating with the Identity service.
    • Replace CEILOMETER_EMAIL with the email address used by the Telemetry service.
  3. Create the ResellerAdmin role:
    [(keystone_admin)]# openstack role create ResellerAdmin
    | Field     | Value                            |
    | domain_id | None                             |
    | id        | 9276cfe40bca485bacc1775d10ef98f6 |
    | name      | ResellerAdmin                    |
  4. Link the ceilometer user and the ResellerAdmin role together within the context of the services tenant:
    [(keystone_admin)]# openstack role add --project services --user ceilometer ResellerAdmin
  5. Link the ceilometer user and the admin role together within the context of the services tenant:
    [(keystone_admin)]# openstack role add --project services --user ceilometer admin
  6. Create the ceilometer service entry:
    [(keystone_admin)]# openstack service create --name ceilometer \
       --description "OpenStack Telemetry Service" \
  7. Create the ceilometer endpoint entry:
    [(keystone_admin)]# openstack endpoint create \
       --publicurl 'IP:8777' \
       --adminurl 'IP:8777' \
       --internalurl 'IP:8777' \
       --region RegionOne \
    Replace IP with the IP address or host name of the server hosting the Telemetry service.


    By default, the endpoint is created in the default region, RegionOne. This is a case-sensitive value. To specify a different region when creating an endpoint, use the --region argument to provide it.
    See Section 3.5.1, “Service Regions” for more information.