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5.3. Create the Image Service Database

Create the database and database user used by the Image service. All steps must be performed on the database server, while logged in as the root user.

Procedure 5.1. Creating the Image Service Database

  1. Connect to the database service:
    # mysql -u root -p
  2. Create the glance database:
    mysql> CREATE DATABASE glance;
  3. Create a glance database user and grant the user access to the glance database:
    mysql> GRANT ALL ON glance.* TO 'glance'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'PASSWORD';
    mysql> GRANT ALL ON glance.* TO 'glance'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'PASSWORD';
    Replace PASSWORD with a secure password that will be used to authenticate with the database server as this user.
  4. Flush the database privileges to ensure that they take effect immediately:
  5. Exit the mysql client:
    mysql> quit