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Chapter 12. Install the Telemetry Service

12.1. Overview of Telemetry Service Deployment

The Telemetry service is composed of an API service, three openstack-ceilometer agents, and two alarm services. The API service (provided by the openstack-ceilometer-api package) runs on one or more central management servers to provide access to the Telemetry database.


At present, mongod is the only database service supported by the Telemetry service.
The three Telemetry agents (and their respective packages) are listed below:
  • The Central agent (provided by openstack-ceilometer-central) runs on a central management server to poll public REST APIs for utilization statistics about resources that are not visible (either through notifications or from the hypervisor layer).
  • The Collector (provided by openstack-ceilometer-collector) runs on one or more central management servers to receive notifications on resource usage. The Collector also parses resource usage statistics and saves them as datapoints in the Telemetry database.
  • The Compute agent (provided by openstack-ceilometer-compute) runs on each Compute service node to poll for instance utilization statistics. You must install and configure the Compute service before installing the openstack-ceilometer-compute package on any node.
You must configure the following settings for each of the components:
  • Authentication, including the Identity service tokens and Telemetry secret
  • The database connection string, for connecting to the Telemetry database
The authentication settings and database connection string for these components are all configured in /etc/ceilometer/ceilometer.conf. As such, components deployed on the same host will share the same settings. If Telemetry components are deployed on multiple hosts, you must replicate any authentication changes to these hosts by copying the ceilometer.conf file to each host after applying the new settings.
Once the Telemetry service (all of its components, wherever each is hosted) is deployed and configured, you must configure each monitored service (Image, Networking, Object Storage, Block Storage, and each Compute node) to submit data to the Telemetry service. The related settings are configured in each service's configuration file.