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Chapter 13. Install the Telemetry Alarming Service

The Telemetry Alarming service (Aodh) triggers defined actions based on the data collected by the Telemetry service.

13.1. Install the Telemetry Alarming Service Packages

The following packages provide the components of the Telemetry Alarming service:
Provides the main OpenStack Telemetry Alarming service API
Provides the files that are common to all OpenStack Telemetry Alarming service components
Provides the alarm evaluator, which determines when alarms are to trigger
Provides the expirer component, which clears expired alarm history data
Provides the listener daemon, which executes the defined actions
Provides the notifier daemon, which allows alarms to be set
Provides the OpenStack Telemetry Alarming service Python libraries
Provides the OpenStack Telemetry Alarming service command-line tool and a Python API (specifically, the aodhclient module).
Install all the required packages:
# yum install openstack-aodh-api openstack-aodh-evaluator openstack-aodh-expirer openstack-aodh-listener openstack-aodh-notifier python-aodhclient
This will install the openstack-aodh-common and python-aodh packages automatically because they are dependencies.