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Chapter 4. Install the Object Service

4.1. Object Storage Service Requirements

The following items are requirements for installing the Object Storage service:
Supported Filesystems
The Object Storage service stores objects in filesystems. Currently, XFS and ext4 are supported. Your filesystem must be mounted with Extended Attributes (xattr) enabled.
It is recommended that you use XFS. Configure this in /etc/fstab:

Example 4.1. Sample /etc/fstab Entry for One XFS Storage Disk

/dev/sdb1	/srv/node/d1	xfs inode64,noatime,nodiratime	0 0


Extended Attributes are already enabled on XFS by default. As such, you do not need to specify user_xattr in your /etc/fstab entry.
Acceptable Mountpoints
The Object Storage service expects devices to be mounted at /srv/node/.