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Chapter 7. Install OpenStack Networking

7.1. Install the OpenStack Networking Packages

OpenStack Networking requires the following packages:
Provides OpenStack Networking and associated configuration files.
Provides an OpenStack Networking plug-in. Replace PLUGIN with one of the recommended plug-ins (ml2, openvswitch, or linuxbridge).


The monolithic Open vSwitch and linuxbridge plug-ins have been deprecated and will be removed in a future release; their functionality has instead been reimplemented as ML2 mechanisms.
Provides supporting utilities to assist with a number of tasks, including the editing of configuration files.
Provides OpenStack-specific SELinux policy modules.
The packages must be installed on all systems that will handle network traffic. This includes the OpenStack Networking node, all network nodes, and all Compute nodes.
Install the packages:
# yum install -y openstack-neutron \
   openstack-neutron-PLUGIN \
   openstack-utils \
Replace PLUGIN with ml2,openvswitch, or linuxbridge to determine which plug-in is installed.